May 21, 2016

New Release,Group Gift & Lucky Board

S@BBiA released new items.

SleeveRibbon Blouse
5 Colors available.

Pleated Skirt
5 Colors available.

There is a color change version each.

And we changed our LB prize and a Group Gift.

New Group Gift : Pleated Skirt (Ivory)

New LB :SleeveRibbon Blouse (Pink)

Please visit to our shop to get them♥

In World Store

Creators Collection Box

We are participating in Creators Collection Box. 

The dates that this event are being held on are from May. 21 through Jun 21.

There are new items available in our booth.

SleeveRibbon Dress
5 Colors available.

Wedge Pumps
Available in 5 colors.

※There is a color change version each.

Low Crew Socks
For Slink Feet  & Classic Av's feet
8 texures changable by HUD.

Please visit to CCB to get them❤

Creators Collection Box

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