Jan 26, 2014

Suede Booties

S@BBiA released new items.

Rigged mesh Suede Booties.
Available in 5 colors.

And we added Suede Booties(Camel) as a Group Gift.

Please come to our shop to get them♥

In World Store


Jan 15, 2014

Snoods & Shoulder Pouches

New Gacha items.

Rigged Mesh (include non-Rigged Mesh) Snood.

Rigged Mesh (include non-Rigged Mesh) Shoulder Pouch.

1 Play : 30LD.

There are 10 colors and a rare item.

These each include non-Rigged mesh version that you can modify.

(These Gacha items are no copy,transfer OK.)

Please come to IW Store and get them♥


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