Jul 22, 2011

New Release & Poupee Hunt 2011

S@BBiA released Wegde sole sandal (Wedge Mule).

5 colors available.
We hope you like them<3

And we are participating in Poupee Hunt 2011.

You can get maxi dress and wedge sandal from our shop.

Enjoy the hunt to get lovely items<3

Poupee Hunt 2011 starting point (MY UGLYDOROTHY)


Jul 9, 2011

Ribbon Mule

S@BBiA released Ribbon Mule. 

5 colors available.

Now, you can get ribbon mule (purple) as a group gift. 
Please come to our shop to get it<3

Jul 3, 2011

Lace maxi skirt

S@BBiA released lace maxi skirt.

4 colors available.
And we changed LB to 'Lace maxi skirt:white:LB'.

Please come to our shop to get it<3

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